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LTL launches new Tobacco Reclaimer – the CR250P, with increased capacity

The LTL Group has launched a new Tobacco Reclaimer, designed to provide a larger capacity option for reclaiming re-useable tobacco from waste cigarettes.  The CR250P is a high-efficiency machine, incorporating the latest PLC control with full colour graphic MMI.
The CR250P Cigarette Reclaim System has been developed from the highly successful CR120 model and is capable of reclaiming cut tobacco from 250kg of waste cigarettes and rod break-out every hour at an efficiency of 99.8% and a typical re-useable tobacco recovery rate in excess of 90%.
The unit is very compact and a dedicated case tipping option is available instead of manual feed.  Being entirely self-contained the CR250P simply requires fixing to the floor and an electrical power and compressed air connection before operation. The machines are supplied with an operator’s manual and full twenty four month parts and labour warranty as standard.
The LTL CR250P Cigarette Reclaim system incorporates a unique cigarette alignment system which ensures that the cigarettes enter the cutting head in the correct orientation. This greatly improves the efficiency of the reclaim operation and allows increased throughputs without a reduction in performance. The system includes an in-built reverse jet filter system to remove entrained dust from the secondary pneumatic separation stage thus minimising local environment and operator health issues.

Please click here for product datasheet (PDF)

LTL at WTNA – your chance to discuss your primary concerns!

The LTL Group is visiting WTNA where its management team and U.S. agent will be available for meetings to discuss the company’s newly extended range of primary process equipment.

The LTL Group has added a new tobacco waste reclaimer to its range, the CR250P which offers increased capacity and can reclaim over 90% re-usable tobacco from waste cigarettes.

The range also includes proven equipment for; slicing/ DC(C)C; cutting, bulking and blending; drying and flavouring; tobacco feed and de-dusting systems. 
Paul Lawton-Bryant, Managing Director, commented; “The U.S. is a key market for us, where our products have always been well received and proven in operation over many years.  As well as meeting with existing friends and contacts within the industry, WTNA opens up the opportunity to make new contacts.”
LTL has availability for further meetings to discuss primary process equipment and particularly with those thinking of re-using tobacco from waste cigarettes.

Contact Us to arrange a meeting or read more about the new CR250P

The LTL Group - reclaiming its primary position

Over the last eighteen months, to ensure continued success during difficult trading conditions, the LTL Group has refocused its business with a strategy that is now starting to pay off.

The approach has been to expand some services, such as primary spares supply, while re-assessing other areas. For primary equipment design and build they have focused on a proven range of machines, rather than chasing wider peripheral work. Coupled to this has been a continued belief in the advantage of having process controls specialisation as part of the Group, with LTL Process Controls Limited.

The result has been a vastly increased turnover in the spares business for LTL plus a burgeoning order book for primary equipment such as Rotary Cutters and Cigarette Reclaimers. The refocusing has also resulted in a planned move to larger premises bringing all group companies into one building, allowing a reduced cost-base whilst keeping manufacturing within the U.K.

The growth in spares has not just come from spares and consumables for the LTL range of equipment, but the Group's ability to supply spares for other popular equipment, particularly Legg machinery spares such as the Millicutter (MM3 & SSM) and the RC4 range of Rotary Cutting Machines.

As Paul Lawton-Bryant, Group Managing Director, explains; "What sets us apart from other spares providers is our understanding of how to get the best from primary equipment, which is underlined by our very high engineering standards."

"For example, any non-LTL equipment spares are extensively reverse engineered and field tested prior to release for general sale, all parts undergo detailed inspection both after manufacture and, for stocked items, prior to despatch as well. All corrosion sensitive parts are dip-coated prior to despatch to ensure they remain in perfect condition, even if they are not required for immediate use. With a large range of spares ex-stock we are able to respond very quickly," he added

At the heart of LTL's refocused primary equipment business are its proven Bale Slicers and Rebuilt Rotary Cutters, plus an increasingly popular Cigarette Reclaimer, the CR 120. As a 'stand-alone' system, the CR 120 provides an effective option for reclaiming cut tobacco - without the need for an engineered installation. Manufacturers simply need to position the unit, provide a power supply and compressed air and the CR120 is ready to reclaim cut tobacco from 120kg of waste cigarettes and rod break-out every hour. As a viable alternative to more complex systems, LTL has seen a major increase in orders, with two new machines currently being built for urgent shipment.

"Manufacturers are always looking at ways to improve profitability and the CR120 offers a very easy way to reclaim waste cigarettes. We have improved the design from previous models, so our latest reclaimer is even more efficient in operation," commented Paul Lawton-Bryant


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